Reinventing agriculture through blockchain



What is


A central hub to rent and farm micro fields anywere in the world - with no middlemen, complexity or the overhead of a big organization - It's true, decentralized farm-to-table.


A community which creates and defines the rules and certificates for organic farming A dynamic process ensuring quality every step on the way.


The platform will run with a custom Ethereum based token called: DME. This provides the security trust and necessary fuel to create and keep the community alive.


The 4th revolution of agriculture builds on the groundbreaking way micro investment for farmland encourage quality food production and help farmers. With ag4.0 - Growfunding has become a reality.


Ag4.0 Revolution

The Challenge

Today many farmers - in both developed or developing countries - are “forced” by market conditions to use extremely intense agricultural practices. Pesticides, genetically modified seeds and early crop harvesting are all used in an effort to keep up with market makers and maintain a farmer’s razor thin margin.

With little alternative, customers end up buying food that may have been shipped for weeks at a time, and for premium prices - never being sure of the true quality of what they’re about to eat.

That is - until arrived. and the DME Token bring an agriculture revolution to life. By combining the power of the blockchain with local, small farming units - we make transparent, micro-farming a true reality. Call it Ag4.0 or call it Growfunding. It’s the ultimate farm-to-table, and it’s about to change the way you eat.

How it Works gives you complete control - by connecting you directly to local farmers - anywhere worldwide. Simply select your micro-farm size, practice and produce - or shop from local farm food supplies - and your fresh food is delivered to your door. No more premium prices. No more unknown farming practices. No more weeks long shipping times.

And by cutting out the “corporate market makers” every farmer benefits too. They earn more, farm better, and have direct connection to the community

– Our Mission –

We use state of the art technology to give every individual on this planet access to fair traded quality food.
Our platform puts the world to a next level of sustainable agriculture.


– Team –

Marco Mettimano - CEO & Co-Founder

Passionate about new projects and challanges, for the last 4 years has worked as Investment manager for a fortune 500 Chinese Group. Recently discovered Blockchain based technology and believe it will change the world.

Simon Choi - Legal Advisor

As a founding partner of Acme Ardent Simon brings more than 20 years experience in the specialized field of Cyber Law - covering all aspects of internet law, cross border commerce and more recently crypto-currency and blockchain. He has acted as an advisor for many ICOs and crowdsales in China and Hong Kong.

Claudio Vernarelli - Social Media Manager

Claudio is an active philosopher with passion for politics and communication, he believes in social equality and that will give a fair possibility of development to farmers of all over the world.

Stefano Sedola - Platform Advisor and Business development

Stefano has over 15 years of experience in developing Quality Infrastructure and Food Safety Protocol, working with agency as UNIDO, SIDA, ASEAN, SADC, COMESA, and many others. He sees the Blockchain technology as the next step for assuring the food quality certification.

Nando Dessena - Blockchain Developer

Writing code almost since he learned to write - Nando is a crypto enthusiast and a specialist in blockchain development. As a developer, trainer and consultant for the past 20 years, he’s worked on both corporate and open source projects of different scales.

Lorenzo Liberatore - Full Stack Developer

From working with large multinational to smaller size companies, Lorenzo bring a wide range of development experience from Italy and abroad.

Luigi Tonti - Platform Advisor

Owner and CEO of 40 Hectare Farm in south Italy Luigi offers in-depth experience with platform advisory from an agricultural produce perspective. He’s produced various fruit produce, specialized olives and cereal production - giving him in-depth knowledge about both raw produce and finished goods.

Natale Labia- Business developer

For 25 years Natale has been working in lobbying and institutional relations. In 2013 founded ItaliaLab srl, with the aim to developed “made in Italy” agri-food projects on international markets. He always recognized the importance to the fight against counterfeiting and Italian sounding, and believes that can be an important weapon against these illegal phenomena.

– Roadmap –

– Demeter Token –

Token distribution information:

Token Name: (DME)

The token distribution will be announced in future

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